Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Endings Truly Makes Me Happy

Okay, so it is pretty obvious that I looove Cougar Town. But I love (and the hubby does, too) the new show that is on after Cougar Town - Happy Endings!

I know it caught a lot of flack for being a Friends wannabe show, but I actually think the show is just as good as friends and I love the characters. Penny is probably my favorite because of her exaggerated facial expressions and the things she says. (Her time on SNL really paid off!)

The ensemble has a great chemistry and I truly feel like I am watching a group of 6 friends live out random situations in their lives.

And just some random trivia, Damon Wayans son, Damon Wayans, Jr. is one of the stars of the show and Fred Savage (from The Wonder Years) directed one of tonight's episodes.

If you haven't watched Happy Endings, you should. It's good, clean fun. Oh, and it's not reality TV for a change!

BTW, my favorite new phrase from TV tonight is "Pound grape" which refers to drinking wine. Thank you, Jules Cobb, for coining awesome phrases!

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