Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"It's From H&M!"

That is a direct quote from my 3-year old daughter this weekend. When a friend told her she thought the dress she was wearing was pretty, she didn't say, "thank you." Instead, she did a twirl and said, "It's from H&M!"

What a silly girl!

But the dresses we got her from H&M are so cute. And what is even better for me is that now when I want to go into H&M to shop for Mommy, my 3-year old might be okay with it because then we can go shopping for her, too.

This is a Mommy and Daughter match made in shopping heaven!

By the way, the white dress with multi-color polka dots was only $9.95 and the pink dress with polka dots was just $4.95!!! I just wish H&M had online shopping!

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