Thursday, February 24, 2011

Box Tops DO Make a Difference

It's official - I am "the crazy Box Top lady." Or at least that is what one mom called me yesterday at my son's school. But you know what? I am okay with it. If there is one thing I love, it is FREE MONEY!

Do you realize how much free money is out there for education with those Box Tops on General Mills cereal boxes, Betty Crocker cake mixes and Ziploc bags (just to name a few)? It all adds So even if you don't have a child in school, cut out your Box Tops and give them to your local school, a friend with school-age kids, or if you want, send them to me! I would be glad to donate them to my son's school. You can ask any school, and no amount of money would probably ever be enough. And every little bit helps.

Having said that, there are children in Africa who don't have running water or heat, but Box Tops for Education is giving them hope for a better life by donating laptops if you watch the video above. So please do so. It only takes one minute out of your time and lots of money out of a company's pocket to make the lives of children better.

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