Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Collection - I Love Their Fall Line

I must say, I am falling in love all over again with Tea Collection children's clothing. Last spring I bought my daughter the most adorable dresses with matching leggings that she still wants to wear now, even though they are not weather appropriate at all.

So I decided to check out the fall line and there are some adorable items for girls and boys. I adore the drop waisted dress on little girls. (I so wish I could pull off the same look, but it doesn't work as well for this old lady!)

Here is Lauren rockin' the Zagreb Floral Drop Waist dress ($28) with the matching leggings in Prune ($19). And here is something great about the Tea Collection. I also got my daughter the Zizi Banded dress ($28) that conveniently matches the leggings from her spring dresses.

Mixing and matching seasonal clothes...how fabulous!

One thing I did learn since the last time I bought Tea clothing - they have started to pre-shrink items. What a relief. Some of my daughter's dresses from my last order seemed to get shorter much faster than she was growing. Although, according to someone in the ordering department, that shrinking issue has been resolved. However, they do recommend that many of the items, like girls' dresses, that you just hang dry. These days, I hang dry most of my daughter's dresses anyway!

Be sure to check out TeaCollection.com for all their latest styles and items on sale, too!

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