Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brad Womack to be the Next Bachelor...Again!?!

In case you don't remember, Brad Womack was The Bachelor who didn't choose either girl at the end. And as a result, DeAnna Pappas became the next Bachelorette and started the onslaught of audience favorites (Jason, Jillian, Jake, and Ali).

But I digress...the guy even Ellen called "a jerk" for not picking either girl is possibly giving the show another try? Kudos to him for getting the chance to date 25 women at the same time again. I think he has really reached Hugh Hefner status if he does The Bachelor again. Hopefully, he will find love this time.

And for all you Team Chris fans(Chris was the runner up on this last season with Ali), apparently he has no interest in being the next Bachelor. I imagine he is having too much fun with the millions of girls that are throwing themselves at him.

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nanny said...

You know I loved Chris but just couldn't see him being the next Bachelor.

I like Brad too and am surprised at anyone being on there twice.
Did you see he and DeAnna visiting on one of the shows. First time they had seen each was good.

I don't think they should pick one just to be picking......

I would watch him!

The Mrs. said...

It makes me sick. This will be the first one ever I don't watch!

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