Monday, July 5, 2010

Team Vienna vs. Team Jake

I will admit husband and I found the totally unnecessary break-up interview between Jake and Vienna tonight was amazingly entertaining to watch. And I don't feel bad being entertained by it because they both chose to do the interview. Has any other couple done a break-up interview with Chris Harrison? (No, Melissa and Jason do not count because that was part of the After the Rose show.)

After listening to their arguing and snipping at each other, do you find yourself siding with one or the other? I am shocked to say that I actually side with Vienna. Jake does seem like he could be ultra-controlling and, as he did on two seasons of Bachelor/ette drama, like a goody-two-shoes! She called him a "fame-whore!" That's awesome!

They both claimed that they are not fueled by the fame. The true test will be to see who actually stays away from the limelight. Both are stilling living in LA, so that could be a tall order. Like any train wreck, unfortunately, you can't help but watch!

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nanny said...

I never liked Vienna and now I don't care for jerk Jake either.....the interview made us all laugh so much....very entertaining....ha
The very idea of her remeasuring the room for

Jen @ ourfinehouse said...

The interview was cringe inducing!! I've never been a fan of either one of them, but I have to say - Jake seems like he could snap at any second. Scary!

The Mrs. said...

Found myself siding with her too! He seemed so cold and controlling!!!!

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