Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happiest Moment of My Day

Sure, the monotony of making meals, cleaning dishes and picking up toys can get old very quickly. That is why the 10 minute love fest my kids had for each other today during lunch definitely made my day. I wanted to record it for all of you to see, but I was afraid that they would stop if I tried to video it.

I am not kidding you, for 10 minutes, my kids gave each other hugs, kisses, and told each other that they were best friends, that they loved each other, and they they were the best brother/sister. It certainly stopped me in my tracks. And luckily, they were more than happy to pose for a few pictures during their love fest.

Tomorrow, they will probably go back to pushing each other around. But for today, they love each other. And that makes me one happy mommy!

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