Monday, March 1, 2010

The Most Exciting Finale in Bachelor History

I was just trying to hook you with a Chris Harrison tag line. The episode was so predictable and somewhat boring.

But, I will say that my husband and I high-fived each other when Jeffrey Osborne came out to sing, "On the Wings of Love" on the After the Rose show. I am glad to see that the producers of the show can poke fun at themselves, all while paying a nice man his song royalties.

And Jake is going to be on Dancing With the Stars now...seriously? First of all, he obviously doesn't like flying that much if he is going to take this much time off to do all of these reality shows. (I suppose I would try to stretch out my 15 minutes of fame as long as possible, too.) Secondly, does ABC really have to milk this guy for everything that he's got???
Oh, that's right...they have to pay off Jeffrey Osborne's royalties somehow!


nanny said...

Vienna will get bored with him in no time at all!!!!

The Mrs. said...

It was cheeseball central. I posted about it to. Lost respect for JO!

Jen @ ourfinehouse said...


I give their relationship 3 months, tops!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

At least we should know if/when their relationship falls apart when he is on Dancing With the Stars...if he lasts that long!

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