Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Celeb Spotting in Hawaii - Dennis Quaid

"Dennis Quaid's here!" Every time I saw him walking around Turtle Bay Resort, I thought of this funny line he yelled on an episode of Ellen as he walked into a Starbucks (Ellen was telling him via an ear piece what to say).
The funny thing is, we didn't even notice him until his toddler son pushed one of his two toy trucks (shown in picture above) into my husband's path and he stopped to give it back. When we looked up from the boy to his father, there Quaid was, seemingly annoyed that we helped his child. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is jaded and just used to people doing those kinds of things to get close to him, but he still could have said what any other parent would have said..."thanks." But he is a celebrity parent, and I have no idea what that is like.
But enough of my rant, it was cool to see a celebrity like him on vacation. And he was one that I was actually able to snap a few photos of...yep, I have reached an all new low - a paparazzo!


nanny said...

LOL....paparazzo!!! Good shots...Wish he had said thanks...that was funny on Ellen that day. She thinks so fast, it was very good!

Anonymous said...

He most certainly should have said thanks.

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