Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazing Race 16 Trumped the Olympics???

Yes, I am sad to admit that I didn't watch the Olympics' coverage tonight from 8-9pm because I had to watch the season premiere of The Amazing Race 16.

Hello, my favorite couple from summer TV-watching, Jeff and Jordan, are contestants. I loved watching them on Big Brother this past summer and was excited to see they are now (or at least when The Amazing Race was taped) together. I hope they go far in the competition.
Oh, and the former Miss South Carolina (a.k.a. the Miss "the Iraq" and "such as" interview disaster) is on this season for, hopefully, some clever comments.

Please forgive me fellow U.S. Olympic loyalists...I will cheer on our athletes the rest of the week...after tomorrow night's The Bachelor episode, of course!


nanny said...

LOL, I am with you....I watch these too!!! I hope Jeff and Jordan do well!

Clare said...

i so watched it too!! lol!

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