Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Girl With a Mind of Her Own

As I mentioned last week, my family and I enjoyed a fun-filled family vacation in Tahoe with a few other families. Once my son started feeling better, we were able to participate in more activities.

At Northstar (a fabulous ski resort in Tahoe), they have a great village area that has tons of shops, restaurants and activities like ice skating and bungee/trampoline jumping.

As soon as my son saw the bungee/trampoline jumping contraption, he had to try it. And naturally, as soon as my daughter saw my son doing it, she had to do it, too.

My daughter and I waited in line for over an hour to do this whole bungee/trampoline jumping. Luckily, for a good portion of that time, she fell asleep on my lap (as pictured above). She woke up about 5 minutes before it was turn.

When it was finally her turn, we headed over to her trampoline. She seemed very excited. We took off her boots and she began to get hooked up to the bungee cords.

Then this happened.

She didn't jump even once, although, she did almost do a back flip when she was trying to squirm out of the harness.

I am just glad I captured at least one picture of what she did. And I can't wait to show her someday when she is older. Silly girl!


Kim O. said...

Love it! She is precious:)

nanny said...

That is so cute!

funfavorites said...

Jacob was so brave! I love the picture of her sleeping. What a funny story! It never fails that the little sister always tries to keep up with the big brother!

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