Thursday, December 10, 2009 Update

A couple of days ago I told you that I found out about a fun website where kids can write letters to Santa called After I wrote that post, my 4-year old son and I wrote his letter to Santa. He was so excited to share with Santa all the things he wants for Christmas.

Low and behold, a day and half later we got his response from Santa. My son was so excited to hear from Santa - especially the part where Santa told him he has been a nice boy this year. I liked the part that said, "Keep up the good work!" Wow! A letter kids and moms love!

And after you submit your letter, you must check out the Disco Dancing Santa. He is way too cute! Only 14 days until Christmas!
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Kim O. said...

Camryn loved being told she had been a good girl, too! So fun to see them so proud and excited:) Off to check out the Disco Dancing Santa!

The Mrs. said...

Have to check this out!!!! Thank you so much!

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