Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Mommy With No Voice...Literally

It's gone. Yes, that's right, I have lost my voice. Where I left it, I am not really sure. But I really hope I find it soon.

Without it, how am I supposed to tell my kids 15 times to pick up their toys? Or nag my husband constantly? Or call the electrician who "fixed" our Christmas lights and explain that they aren't working?

Oh, how I hope I find my voice overnight!


The Mrs. said...

No voice! Holy Moly! I know a little bit of how you feel cause I cannot yell with my stomach brace on (don't want to ruin flat tummy), it sooooo pisses me off!

nanny said...

I always hear you should drink lots and lots of water to help get it back! Good Luck, hope you find it soon!

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