Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Need Help with Bad Dreams

So I need any help or advice I can get on this subject. My 4-year old son has been waking up in the middle of the night with dreams (not necessarily bad, just dreams, he says) off and on for the past month. I would say 5 out of 7 nights a week he wakes up and comes running to our room, always to my side of the bed. I take him back to his room and stay with him until he falls asleep, which sometimes can take forever. We assume that some of this started with all the spooky stuff related to Halloween. Now that Halloween is over, I am ready for the waking up to be over, too! (I need some uninterrupted sleep!)

Last night, he woke up and I brought him back to his room. He fell asleep quickly, but as soon as I left his room, he woke up and came running after me. This happened another two times until I finally sent my husband up to his room. (And of course, my husband slept in his room with him.)

I don't want to minimize any fears my son is having, but I always don't want to create any bad habits.

Help!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


nanny said...

When my daughter was about his age, her nightmares were unreal. The Dr. said to watch what she was eating prior to bedtime....we did notice that if she ate an apple late in the evening the nightmares happened that night. "just a thought"

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Thanks Nanny, I never thought about what he was eating before bed. I will certainly have to watch that closely!

Solar Powered said...

Nanny's daughter here, I have always had vivid dreams that started when I was that age. The food thing is important. Also, I'm sure you guys are talking through the dreams but to this day that helps me. At his age a dream book by his bed that he could draw or color what he's dreaming might help?

Love your blog. I'm getting christmas cards from minted thanks to you! Also, your blog was very helpful while I was pregnant.

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Solar Powered,
First of all, you and your mom rock! Your comments were so kind and I am so glad my blog was helpful to you while you were pregnant and you were able to find your christmas cards here. And thank you for your advice regarding the dreams. I have been asking my son to recall his dreams and tell me as much as possible. It seems more and more that it isn't so much the bad dreams as it is him just waking up and having a tough time going back to sleep. But I am also going to watch very closely what he eats(or drinks) before bed to see if that impacts his sleep. Thanks again for making my day with your thoughtful comment! :)

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