Thursday, November 26, 2009

"My Dad Understands Me."

It is Thanksgiving Day morning, and we are at my parents' house for the holiday. My son, like most 4 year olds, always wants a treat/candy. Why do I know this? He is always asking for one?

He walked up to Grandma and Grandpa and asked if he could have a candy. They answered him with the oldie but goodie, "go ask your mother." And, of course, I, being the ever-so mean mom that I am, said,"No, you just had a treat."

A few minutes later, we see him eating an orange slice candy. Grandpa and I asked him how he got that candy and he responded, "My dad understands me."

What? Where does a 4-year old come up with a phrase like that? We then told Daddy about this funny phrase my son used. Daddy laughed and said our son was just standing around looking like a well-behaved boy so he offered him a candy.

I guess my 4-year old is right...his dad does understand him!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Mike said...

What a silly boy!

Grandpa Koblis said...

My grand children continue to amaze me with the statements they make and the things that they do and thats part of the joy or being a grand parent

nanny said...

How sweet, thank heaven for daddys/ha

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