Monday, October 19, 2009

Fever Be Gone!

Last week someone asked me how the kids were doing. I said they were feeling great. I knew as soon as I said that, I would regret it. That was Thursday Thursday evening, my almost 2-year old had a fever - no other symptoms. She still had it on Friday, spiking up to 102.3 degrees. But still, she had no symptoms. Luckily, with some Tylenol and Motrin, her fever seemed to subside and I was able to attend my 10 year college reunion festivities on Saturday night. (Lots of fun, tell you about it some other time.)

When I got home on Sunday, my 4-year old son had a low grade fever - 99.5. It was 98.9 when he woke up this morning so I took him to Pre-K. I picked him up around 2pm. He seemed fine until we got home and he immediately went up to his room to take a nap. What?!?! He doesn't take naps anymore! He woke up about an hour later to our neighbor kids playing outside. I figured he would want to go outside and play with them. Instead, he wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV. His temperature is now 101.4. Tylenol has been administered and am waiting another hour to give him Motrin if the Tylenol doesn't take effect.

Naturally, tomorrow I am supposed to attend a taping of Ellen in Burbank with some friends, but that is definitely not going to happen if my son still has a major fever.

Fever Be Gone!!!

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nanny said...

awww too bad to miss Ellen taping....hope you all are better SOON!

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