Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Cutest Moment of My Day

Today was a fairly typical day...went to Costco and the park with the kids. Played a few board games. Made a meal. Cleaned it up. Made another meal cleaned it up.

But the best part of my day came just before I put the kids down to sleep tonight. While at Costco, we picked up Monsters vs. Aliens. I had never seen it and wanted to check it out. Oh yeah, and the kids wanted to see it, too.

As the movie ended and the credits began to roll, a song came on with this beat that made me start to bop my head up and down. I looked over at my son, he saw what I was doing and began bopping his head. My daughter then noticed what we were doing and began bopping her head as well. We probably bopped our heads up in down for an entire minute (a huge deal for an almost 2 or 4 year old) and began smiling and laughing at each other as we did it. It made my long day from no sleep last night seem to fade away.

And it made me remember how much I love my job!


Kim O. said...

Awww-that made me smile! LOVE moments like those:)

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Yes, I am trying to make a better effort of remembering and sharing these moments that make me smile...rather than the ones that frustrate me!

The Mrs. said...

That is so cute!

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