Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

For all of you teachers out there...Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Yes, today, May 5, also Cinco de Mayo, is officially Teacher Appreciation Day. However, this week is also recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week.

So, for you parents out there, this means that it would be nice if your child brought something to his/her teacher to show appreciation for all their hard work and guidance.

Click here for some gift ideas from Activity Village.
Image courtesy of www.district196.org


funfavorites said...

Really, didn't know and I'm a teacher, see how much I'm appreciated:(

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Oh funfavorites, you are very appreciated. Some people just don't know about the day. That is why I am trying to make more people aware of it. I was actually first told about this special day by a frog-loving teacher friend. And even when I brought treats in for my son's preschool teachers, most other parents had never heard of it. Be sure to drop a note in your school PTA's suggestion box next meeting so they are aware they missed the day. :)

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