Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ward Off Morning Sickness While Keeping Green

I don't know why I was never told about these wristbands you can wear to avoid morning sickness. But I find it is my duty now to pass it on to mothers-to- be that are going through that awful part of pregnancy (since I had to suffer through it with no relief!).

I just found out from The Cradle about an eco-friendly anti-nausea wristband called the Psi band. The wristband is actually used to apply acupressure, so they are drug-free. Plus, this particular brand is eco-friendly because the wristband and packaging is made with bio compatible materials that are reusable.

And now through Mother's Day (May 10), you can receive $3 off each wristband you buy at with The Cradle's special coupon code Cradle45.

There are five different designs to choose from. However, if you do choose the Cherry Blossom design, $1 will be donated to Fertile Hope, an organization that provides fertility resources for cancer patients. Help yourself. Help others, too!

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