Thursday, April 9, 2009

Toys R Us Extended Warranties...Not Worth It

A word to the wise...if you buy a playhouse or swingset from Toys R Us, don't buy their extended warranty program. As I have learned in the past several weeks, it isn't worth it.

So here's the story... last year (almost exactly) we bought the Little Tikes 6-in-1 Town Center for my son's birthday. It's a super cute playhouse and both my kids love it. When we purchased it, the sales person offered the 2-year Toys R Us extended warranty explaining that if anything goes wrong with the product, all I have to do is take a picture of it, submit it, and they will either replace that part or send out a whole new playhouse. It sounded pretty good for only $49.95, so we bought it.

Fast forward to January of this year, I began noticing some minor issues with the playhouse and decided to submit the claims to the warranty department. I was shocked when they were all denied. As I was told by the representative, the basketball hoop warping and bending was viewed as an Act of God. (This of course made me flip my lid and ask questions like, "If I had bent the hoop, would I be considered an Act of God? My parents always told me I was a miracle.")

Still irate, I then moved on to a supervisor (because that is what I love to do). Luckily, I did learn some valuable information from the supervisor, including the fact that basically nothing is covered by the extended warranty on a playhouse, playset or swingset. I was also told that I shouldn't have been sold the extended warranty in the first place and that I could go into the store and request a refund on the extended warranty.

So, I took the name and ID number of that supervisor along with my receipt and went down to Toys R Us to explain the situation. I was pleasantly surprised when they actually just processed the refund. The sales associates at the store also explained to me that they are prompted after every sale to offer the warranty. So they just follow protocol. They also told me that since the product was purchased less than a year ago that Little Tikes would probably replace all the parts I have issues with. Once I arrived home, I called Little Tikes customer service and my replacement parts' order was taken.
And here is my silver lining...the replacement parts all arrived in the mail today. Yea! All is good in the world! (Plus, I don't have to swear off Toys R Us!)
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