Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Academy Awards Show...Amazing!

In years past, I have tuned into the Academy Awards at the beginning (to find out who won Best Supporting Actor/Actress) and the end (to find out who won Best Actor/Actress and Best Film). That's it.

But this year was different. I watched the whole show with utter engagement and at times with tears in my eyes. They certainly turned the show around for the better this year. There were so many wonderful new elements.
One that stands out most in my mind is the presence of past Oscar winners giving a short monologue on each nominee. I found this part of the show particularly moving because it seemed like the nominees may have cherished more the kind words they received from winners' past than even the award. (I know that isn't true, but it was certainly a great consolation prize for the four nominees that didn't win!)

Another element that I loved was the explanation of the filming process from beginning to end. And let me start by saying that I took a film study class in high school, and Ms. Ray did a great job of explaining all the necessary elements of the film. However, the awards show tonight did a great job of showing and explaining all the details, which again, made the show worth watching.

As for the award real surprises. I will not pretend that I saw most of the movies nominated...I actually only saw a couple of them, Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda (come on, I am a mom!). Let me just say I was thrilled to see Wall-E nominated for so many different categories of awards. Even though it is a "kids film" it truly is a movie that adults can enjoy and it certainly tugs on your heart strings. I was just sad Peter Gabriel couldn't be there to sing "We're Going Down (to the Ground)"...then again, I was better off because I always cry when I hear that song in the movie.

And lastly, my husband and I both enjoyed the previews of movies coming out in 2009. Granted, I realize that the movies shown were probably the only movies that paid to get that little ad spot at the end of the show, but it was an innovative way to let the world know a little bit of what is coming this year and to get excited to go to the movies.

After all, in these hard economic times, the movie theaters seem to be the only ones unaffected.
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Gretchen said...

I was really impressed with how well dressed all the ladies were. I thought for sure someone would wear something awful, but all the big hitters looked great!

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