Sunday, December 14, 2008

See's Candies Gift Certificate Winner: Holiday Season of Giveaways

Thank you to everyone that entered this sweet giveaway. Your comments and memories were wonderful to read...isn't funny how something like See's Candies can take us back to a happy time or memory in our lives?!?

And now on to the winner.

Congratulations go out to Souldolphindream, who said:

"Because between the 2 kids, the hubby, 2 dogs, and the 2 cats I need a little me time and this would sure do the trick. A getaway in a piece of chocolate."

Souldolphindream, please contact us at to claim your prize.

And even though there can only be one winner, I highly encourage those of you who didn't win to pick up a little treat for yourself from See's Candies. Many of you mentioned how you have never tried it before because there aren't any stores in your city or state. But this holiday season, you should buy yourself a chocolate gift.
You can buy a box of 16-oz of chocolate for $15, which is less than $1/ounce, and it is worth every penny. And for those of you that want just specific See's chocolates, you can make your own custom mix. (Forrest Gump was obviously not eating See's Candies in his movie, but he sure should have been!)

Thanks again to all those who entered and stay tuned for many more giveaways. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. See's candy is the best.

souldolphindream said...

Yeah a treat for me!!!!!!!!!!!

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