Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Little Princess' 1st Birthday

One year ago, a second miracle, our little princess, popped out at 7:02 a.m...all 8-1/2 pounds of her.

We learned very quickly that she was going to be our little drama queen when she decided to hold her breathe just after she was born and subjected herself to a 4-night stay in NICU. (I mean, don't most girls wait until at least 8 years old to play that whole "holding your breathe" routine?)

But over the past year, I have learned the joy of having a little girl...after thinking nothing could be better than having a little boy. And even more astonishingly, over the past year, I have been willing to give up my title of the princess in our house. (For those of you that have known me a while, you know that is a BIG deal!) But hey, she is worth it, and in my mind, has earned it!

She has completed so many milestones in her life already...8 teeth, rolling over, crawling, walking, even beating up her brother. Now at 22-pounds, she is a force to be reckoned with. But even when she mashes up bananas to make her hair into her own tiara, she is still our little princess!
(And yes, as you can see above, she knows how to tell everyone how old she is. I guess it is my job as her mother to explain to her that we women never reveal our true age. I'll give her a break this time, she's still pretty young!)


Bertie said...

What a DARLING little girl you have! So cute:) Happy birthday to your little princess!

funfavorites said...

Happy Birthday Lauren. She is sooooo cute!

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