Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How are You Going to Burn Off that Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanks to our friends at, you no longer have to wonder just how many calories you are consuming and, more importantly) how to burn off your Thanksgiving dinner (without spending two hours at the gym!). Here are some fun (and funny) ways to burn off our favorite holiday foods...

Turkey – 3oz Roasted = 120 calories; 0 fat grams
You will have to Ballet Dance for 20 minutes!

Gravy – 1 cup = 188 calories; 14 fat grams
You will have to Run, 5.2 mph for 20 minutes!

Stuffing – 1/3 cup = 170 calories, 11.5 fat grams
You will have to Paint (inside the house) or Put up wallpaper for 30 minutes!

Cranberry sauce – ½ cup = 100 calories, 0 fat grams
You will have to Chop Wood for 20 minutes!

Corn - ½ cup = 80 Calories; 0 fat grams
You will have to Walk 4 mph for 12 minutes!

Classic String bean casserole - ½ cup = 120 Calories, 8 fat grams
You will have to Wash the Dog for 30 minutes!

Corn bread – 1 piece (65g) = 173 calories, 5 fat grams - cornbread, prepared from recipe, made with low fat (2%) milk
You will need to Samba dance for just under an hour.

Mashed potatoes - 1 serving = 152 Calories, 3 fat grams. Using low fat milk.
You can Wash all the Thanksgiving Day dishes for 1 hour and 10 minutes!

Sweet potatoes – 1 serving (from 8) = 305 Calories; 6 fat grams. Using butter and marshmallows
You will have to play Paddleball for 50 minutes!

Pumpkin Pie – 1/8 of a 9” pie = 320 Calories; 15 fat grams
You will need to do 30 minutes of Karate!

Apple Pie – 1/6 of 8” pie = 280 Calories; 15 fat grams
You will have to Box (on a punching bag) for 45 min!

Cheesecake – 1/6 of 17 oz cake = 260 Calories; 20 fat grams
You will have to Tread Water for 25 minutes!

Red Wine – 4oz = 85 Calories
You will have to be Juggling for 20 minutes!

White Wine – 4oz = 80 calories
You will be practicing Hatha Yoga for 30 minutes!

Apple cider – 8oz = 120 Calories
You will have to Golf (without a cart) for 30 minutes!

To find out other ways to burn calories for these Thanksgiving foods (or any of your favorite foods for that matter), visit, and click on the The Daily Plate link. In the search box type in any food item to find, among other things, that food's nutritional value, comparable foods, and how to burn off the calories of that food.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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