Monday, June 9, 2008

What a Headache!

Headaches are such a pain...literally! But how can you prevent them?

Researchers believe the tension-type headaches are most likely caused by changes among certain brain chemicals.

Here are some factors that may trigger these brain chemical changes:

  • stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • lack of sleep or changes in sleep routine
  • skipping meals
  • poor posture
  • working in an awkward postion or holding one position for a long time
  • lack of exercise
  • hormonal changes
  • overuse of headache medication
(or as I like to!) So, what can we do about these triggers?

Here are some ways to prevent tension headaches:

  • avoid excess caffeine
  • eat healthy foods; don't skip meals, especially breakfast
  • stay physically active; even just taking a walk could help the way you feel
  • follow a regular sleep schedule
  • reduce stress by planning ahead and organizing your day
  • learn a relaxation technique (ex. deep breathing)
  • improve your posture
And if all else fails, a couple glasses of wine (or your favorite beverage) may be the cure. But, then again, that may give you another type of headache!!!

Information provided by Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

1 comment:

zobars said...

mine must be due to my poor posture.

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