Thursday, June 26, 2008

Toy Safety 101

Toys are designed to be fun for kids, right? Well, not if they choke on them! (Captain Obvious told me to write that!)

Babies and young toddlers have narrow airways, and still a tendency to put just about everything into their mouth. This puts them at an especially high risk of choking.

Here are some safety tips to help prevent your child from choking on a toy:
  • Follow the age recommendations on toy packaging. These guidelines are developed, in part, based on safety concerns.
  • Be especially careful to keep balloons and broken balloon fragments away from small children. More children suffocate on uninflated balloons and balloon fragments than on any other type of toy.
  • Inspect toys regularly. If a small part breaks off a toy, throw the toy away.
  • Keep marbles, broken crayons, small balls, small magnetic letters, and other small magnets, beads, toys with small parts, and stuff toys that can be squeezed to fit entirely in a child's mouth off the floor and out of the reach of infants and young children.
  • Teach older kids to keep hazardous toys away from younger siblings, including toys with batteries that could fall out.
  • Make sure the eyes and noses of stuffed animals are firmly secured.
  • don't give vending machine toys to young children. These toys often don't meet required safety regulations.

Have any safety tips you would like to share? Please comment below and pass along your toy safety wisdom.

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