Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Points at My Coke Rewards

As you may notice, we like to give away stuff. That is partially because I like to get free stuff. I am the small percentage of people that actually takes advantage of mail-in rebates because I am one never to pass up free money. Plus, I like to make a company put their money where their mouth is!

So, since my husband is a diet coke junkie (he was a Coca-Cola junkie when I met him, but introduced him to the diet version so that he didn't waste his calories on soda), I decided to join the My Coke Rewards program because you can collect points to redeem more soda...seems pretty logical to me.

Anyway, is offering double points for all 12-packs on Wednesday, June 25. So if you are a member, be sure to enter your points that day. Or if you are interested in earning free Coke products, enroll and enter your codes on June 25.

I know, I am a geek. But come on, didn't you already know that by now?

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