Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin' - NKOTB to Perform on The Today Show this Friday!

So, since I signed up for updates and announcements from NKOTB.com, I am pleased to tell you that the 5 guys from Beantown are scheduled to perform this Friday, April 4, on The Today Show (sometime between 7 and 9am. I am sure closer to 9am to make us all watch the entire program!).

I am stoked to see if the old guys still have some pelvic thrusts in them. Back in the day, the pelvic thrusts always drove the girls into a tizzy, but we shall see if that is still the case now that the guys are in their late 30's.

Click here for more video on New Kids on the Block back in their hey day, the aftermath, and now the reunion.

Photo courtesy of Starpulse.com


funfavorites said...

So this is a reason to take the day off from work right? I can't wait:)

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Certainly a reason to buy TiVo, if you don't already have it, too!

Anonymous said...

Check out Nasri's myspace to see the writer behind the NKOTB reunion. He's the next biggest thing in the industry and will prove it by making the NKOTB big again. Check out his hit song " Half Time" and add him as a friend.

check it out and stay tuned for more info.

Tara said...

tee hee... really? I was obsessed with NKOTB when I was in junior high. I didn't even know they were all still around!

hiphostess said...

You are hilarous :) There's a pic of them on Yahoo's "OMG" channel and I have to say they're looking better in their late 30's than they did when they REALLY WERE "kids"!

Looking forward to Friday! :)

www.NKOTBReunion.com said...

It's Official! NKOTB is BACK! It's a Fact!
I always was in love with New Kids On The Block!
You can listen to their new song 'Click Click Click' at www.NKOTBReunion.com
They still sound great! I Hope their new CD sounds just as good.

Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to Nasri's songs on his myspace and he is amazing. He is actually the reason the NKOTB is getting back together. Go check him out and have a listen you will love his music.

My favorite song is "NOT THE SAME"

He also co-wrote the new song Click Click Click and “summertime” for the NKOTB.



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