Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Need a Vacation!!!

Well, at least that is what I was saying to myself a little over a week ago. I am happy to say that I have been MIA the past week because my husband and I took a glorious trip to the Atlantis Paradise Island. It was a scheduled trip through my husband's company so it was now or never!

Yes, I was totally freaking out about leaving my five month old at home, but there was no way in h*&% that I was taking the kids on a vacation across the country. I will admit, I cried many times the week leading up to the trip and even on the plane ride to the Bahamas. But I also danced a little in my seat and had a few drinks while on the plane (living it up!!!).

I was most anxious about leaving the kids because I was worried that my five month old would not be able to breast feed when I came back. And I knew in my heart of hearts that the kids would be just fine with their grandparents. (I even asked our pediatrician if it was okay to go, and she reassured me that it was the best thing we could do. "Happy parents make for happy kids," she said.)

So, the trip...the Atlantis was amazing! I highly recommend anyone going there for a couple getaway or even if you want to take the kids. My husband and I couldn't stop talking on the way home about how there is probably no other place in the world like it. Of course, you have to be ready to drop a lot of dough, because it certainly isn't cheap there. But you name it, they have it.

Here is just one day's itinerary...a trip to the spa for a massage and facial. Then it was off to the exclusive Cove pool for adults only where a DJ was spinning serious Vegas tunes. Then we walked on the beach to the phenomenal water park area, where oh yeah, I went on the Leap of Faith water slide which is a 60-foot almost completely vertical drop (pictured above). After that rush, I put on a nice dress and went to an amazing 5-star dinner at the Bahamian Club and topped off the night at the casino bar, Dragon, where drinks and dancing ensued.

But here is the point of all my bragging about my wonderful, too, can have a wonderful vacation. I know that many of you are not comfortable leaving your kids overnight for fear of great catastrophe, but I am here to tell you that you need to do it for yourself. That wise pediatrician I mentioned earlier also told me that she was shocked when I said to her, "My husband and I are...going on vacation." She said she is used to hearing, "My husband and I are getting a divorce," which is really sad and scary. She said she wishes she heard about vacations more often from her parents.

And, of course, I am not insinuating that you need to go the husband and I were lucky that he won a trip to that particular resort. But maybe it is just an overnight stay in a neighboring town. I know I mentioned all the amazing stuff I did while I was on vacation, but the most important thing, to me, was spending time with my husband...ALONE!!! Of course I love my kids, but often times my relationship with my husband gets shoved to the side because of the kids, and that is just not good.
But hey, what do I know...I was just on vacation......


oharakim said...

Glad you had fun, L! I so badly need a vacation, too!

A Wright said...

It sounds like you had a blast! We need a vaca -- if only I could get my hubby away from that thing called "work" ... !!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Hubby and I are thinking about going there next year for our 10 yr. anniversary!

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