Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Road Trip with the Kids...Good for Your Marriage?

The past two weekends my husband and I have travelled in the car with our kids five hours there and back. I will be the first to admit I really dreaded the trip (of course, not as much as an airport, which is why we decided to drive!). I especially dreaded the packing and preparation. You really have to pack everything and the kitchen sink with a newborn.

While packing the car, my husband and I did get into a few tiffs and exchanged evil glares as to avoid using profanity in front of the kids. But once we got in the car and got moving, it was actually peaceful. Sure, my daughter cried every so often and my son kept wanting to change the DVD he was watching, but my husband and I actually got to talk. We even saved up some topics knowing that we would have so much time in the car.

What is so great about the time in the car is that I feel like my husband and I were able to reconnect. Not that we were ever disconnected, but in the dad-to-day craziness, sometimes we don't get around to having a good conversation. (Even if we attempt to, it is usually interrupted by my son pretending he is Spiderman and jumping off the top of the couch!)

As a result of our back to back road trips, I feel like we renewed our vows or something. I know that is cheesy, however, it makes me have that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and hey, who doesn't need that?!?

So the next time you have an opportunity for a family road trip, go for it. Having your spouse as a captive audience for more than 20 minutes is worth it!

P.S. I highly recommend bringing a portable DVD player for the road trip if your car is not already equipped with one.

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Lilith Silvermane said...

YAY.. I'm glad you had a great trip :)

I hope ya'll are going to plan another one soon!

Welcome home.

The Mrs. said...

I totally agree. Hubby and I drive once a year up to tahoe and it is a looooong trip! We end up having our best talks.

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