Friday, March 21, 2008

Cold Seat Surprise Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who entered the Cold Seat surprise giveaway. I must say, I was very impressed with your creativity. Without further ado, here are the (2) lucky Cold Seat winners...

Cricket who said...
Loading into the car in the summer months requires a special checklist here in sunny AZ.

Oven Mitts - checkSunscreen for any exposure to windows - check

Burn Ointment for when you touch bare skin to ANYTHING in/on/around the car - check

Windscreen to deflect skin melting hot air coming from air conditioning unit for the first 10 minutes - check

20 gallons of ice water for when your tire blows out on the scorching pavement and you are stranded waiting for hubby to rescue you and the kids from the heat.

My daughter likes Looney Tunes and she actually made the comment that "My biscuits are burnin'" a few times when she got put in her seat. For that reason alone she (and I to alleviate my guilt over her burnt buscuits) need this nifty invention. I wonder if they have considered making it in adult size yet?


Don and Lisa Osborn who said...
I would love to win this because I live in San Antonio and it is supposed to be 92 tomorrow--March 14th. That's crazy. I worry all the time that I am going to burn my daughter on the nasty metal buckle. I told hubby last year someone needs to come up with a cooling device for car seats. Glad to see someone beat me to it!!! Great find.

Cricket and Don and Lisa Osborn please contact us with your shipping address so that we can send out your Cold Seat.

Stay tuned for many more fun giveaways!

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Julianne Bell @ Family Blueprint said...

Congrats to the winners! Those were truly great comments...especially Cricket's! Thanks again for the opportunity and I am blessed to see that some winners will acquire the cold seat who shall truly appreciate it!

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