Monday, February 18, 2008

How Do You Meet Other Moms?

Okay, so this is more of a question for me because I have had a tough time meeting other moms in my area. I would say this is mostly because I really haven't put myself out there to meet other moms...I like the friends I have, okay!

But the problem I am finding is that while my close friends do not live in close proximity and that is okay with me, I don't have many little friends for my son to play with on a daily basis since I don't know other moms in the area well enough.

So here are some suggestions I found in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine:

  • Take a class: If pregnant, try a prenatal exercise class; if baby's already here, check out your local parks and recreation department, join a mom and baby movement or music class, or join Stroller Strides (walking exercise with your baby)

  • Check out national organizations: Mothers and More (; The International MOMS Club (; and Mothers of Preschoolers or MOPS International (

  • Socialize: If you attend a class or group, arrive early and linger afterwards to try and get to know some other moms. If you are a little shy about collecting other mothers' digits, then ask for email addresses.

  • Do it yourself: If you aren't satisfied with mommy companionship online or in your area, start your own group. Post flyer at the library, post a notice in your church bulletin

  • Think beyond baby: When you build relationships with other moms, you don't just have to do baby/kid stuff with them. Babies are portable, so bring them with you to something you enjoy like going to a museum, book group, or shopping at the mall (always my favorite!)
  • Keep an open mind: Every mom you meet isn't going to be just like you, but you don't have to focus on your differences. Focus on what you have in common. You know you have at least one thing in common...motherhood!

What suggestions do you have?

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