Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hostess Blog: A Real Simple Fave

As I was perusing the latest issue of Real Simple magazine, I was elated to see that one of my favorite blogs, Hostess Blog, was named one of the best blogs around. If you haven't checked out Hostess Blog yet, you are certainly missing out. The ideas on this blog are amazing...from sweet treats like the cupcakes above, to fabulous party themes, Hostess Blog will make you the best entertainer...or atleast entertained!

What is even better is the amazing website - - that is the ultimate entertaining resource. If you are throwing a party, or even just thinking about throwing a party, you must comb this website for all of its great ideas. If you aren't even thinking about throwing a party, you will want to after you see the beautiful ideas and designs. (I just get happy looking at all the beautiful set-ups!)

My hat goes off to Hip really are doing something great!

1 comment:

Lorena said...

The Hostess Blog was actually how I came across this blog. I agree, it is great and often makes me drool over the wonderful contemporary finds.

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