Thursday, October 18, 2007

7 Ways to Protect Your Child/Family From Germs

Thank you BabyCenter for having these helpful tips for keeping you and your family safe this cold and flu season (and all year-round for that matter!).

1. Teach your children to wash their hands at these key times: after going to the bathroom, petting an animal, or playing outside, and before eating.

2. Do hand washing right: With soap and water, it takes 20 seconds of scrubbing to kill the germs that need to be killed.

3. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for visits to playgrounds, mall food courts, and other places where there might not be a sink handy. Be sure to cover every part of the hand, including under the nails, if possible.

4. After preparing meat or poultry, wash cutting boards with hot, soapy water and spray counter tops with disinfectant. The bacteria commonly found on raw meats — including campylobacter, salmonella, and E. coli — are more dangerous than any other germs you're likely to have in the house.

5. Wash small cuts and scrapes with soap and water. Apply an antibacterial ointment, put on a bandage, and change the bandage every day until the wound heals.

6. Make sure your children are up to date on their vaccinations, and consider getting them a flu shot every year. A school-age child who's been vaccinated against the flu is less likely to bring home a bug that can infect the entire family.

7. If someone in your house is sick, take a moment to clean doorknobs, television remotes, toys, and other items your children touch throughout the day.
(P.S. Happy 2-1/2 birthday to my little Bubby - pictured above at only 6 months!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, in the past couple of days I have heard some interesting things about hand sanitizer. Apparently, some scientists attribute more intense strains of flu virus to the fact that antibacterial wipes and sanitizers are not allowing our kids to be exposed to some bacteria, which as a result, doesn't enable them to build up strong defense systems to stronger strains.

magnolia mama said...

Cute blog!

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