Sunday, August 12, 2007

Relaxation in a Bottle

Okay, so I am only six and a half months pregnant, which means it has been six and a half months since I have had a drink...and let me tell you, today was one of the first times I really, REALLY wanted one.

As I was flipping through Real Simple magazine, you know, looking for useful things to post on this blog, I found the most useful page yet...Smirnoff makes a Grand Cosmopolitan. This looked so perfect to me because, hello, all you have to do is keep the bottle in the fridge and pour when necessary.

Yes, I know that Stirrings makes a lovely mix and making them from scratch is great, too. But let's keep it real...this is a good as the jumbo size bottle of pre-made margaritas you can buy at Costco!

So for all of you out there that aren't pregnant, have a Grand Cosmopolitan, or some alcoholic drink, for me. (I am sure I will hear a bell ring inside my head everytime you have one!)

And, of course, as all alcohol manufacturers would say, I encourage you to drink responsibly!


hiphostess said...

Tell you what...I promise to "make" some of these Cosmos for us in December after the little one has arrived ;)

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Thanks hiphostess, I will definitely be ready for a cosmo in December...perhaps to celebrate your birthday!

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