Monday, July 2, 2007

Easy Steps to Less Stress

Sometimes getting into a "spa" frame of mind can be a great way of reducing stress. Here are a few tips from Jan Kinder, founding director of the The Self Centre at Caneel Bay on St. John:

Take a deep breath - using your diaphragm, or "belly" breathing boosts oxygen flow to the blood and reduces fatigue.

Make a soothing sound - follow each breath release with a long mmmm sound. The meditative humming can help alleviate anxiety, headaches, and insomnia.

Stretch, stretch, stretch - To ease shoulder and neck strain, tilt your head to the right as you press your left shoulder down softly and breathe gently in and out twice; then repeat on the other side. Finally, tuch your chin to your chest for two breaths.

Lightly stroke your arms - Calm your nervous system by gently tickling your arms with the backs of your fingernails.

Slowly count to 10 - Use this time to practice patience, giving yourself a moment to relax and get balanced.

And if going to a spa is the only way you can release stress, try Spa-ing this Summer, with Spa Finder.

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