Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mindless Eating

Cornell University food psychology professor, Brian Wansink, has written a fascinating book about how little we pay attention to what we eat and how much we eat called Mindless Eating.

With so many diet ideas out there, Dr. Wansink has tested a theory that is sure to help keep your weight under control...use smaller plates. On average, people eat 25 percent more food on a larger plate than a smaller plate. Dr. Wansink's simple answer for this, "We eat with our eyes, not our stomach."
Another test using 44 Wheat Thin crackers was done on students at the beginning of a class. Half the group was given all 44 crackers in one bag. The other half was given 4 smaller bags of 11 crackers each. At the end of class, each student turned in their bags for examination. Students with just 1 bag of 44 crackers were found to eat 50 percent more crackers than the students with 4 separate bags. (Moral of story: instead of eating from potato chip bag, place chips into a smaller bag.)

Dr. Wansink tried the same theory on drinking glasses. He found that professionals like bartenders pour less into tall, skinny glasses in comparison to short, wide glasses. On average bartenders poured 30 percent more liquor in the shorter, wider glasses.

(Now, I know what you are thinking, when going out for a night on the town, now you are going to be happier to get short, wide glasses because you will be getting more for your money. But now I can see how the martini glass is really an optical illusion being wide and tall.)

Take control of what you eat...let your stomach guide you, not your eyes.

Information courtesy of 20/20 via abcnews.com.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for the tip. Maybe a smaller plate will help me lose those last 5 pounds of baby weight!

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