Monday, May 21, 2007

Bubbles that Don't Make a Mess

This Easter, my son received a bubble bucket that is absolutely amazing. I will be honest, I didn't open it for him until this weekend because I was fearful of the mess it would make (or I should say, the mess my son would make with the bubble bucket).

To my pleasant surprise, no spilled bubbles. My son has the Easter No-Spill Mini Bubble Bucket ($5.99) by Little Kids, Inc., which has 3 bubble wands so that he can share his bubble bucket with friends. Of course, he at times ran around with 2 wands in his hands, but the 3 wands allowed me to blow bubbles while he attempted to.
I was so impressed by this bucket that I went to the website and they have many other no-spill bubble toys to choose from. Some of these fun toys include the Cowboy Bubble Shooter and No-Spill Holster ($5.99)and the No-Spill On the Go Bubble Tumbler (that has a suction cup attached to the bottom so that it can stick to a stroller tray or the side of the bathtub; $5.99).

To check out No-Spill bubble toys and find out where you can buy them, visit

1 comment:

Shauna said...

Good to know that one works. I'm always skeptical of those products, but love to hear about other people trying them!

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