Friday, April 13, 2007

Ginger...Good for Nausea

I would first like to thank everyone who sent me ideas for curing my lovely "Morning" sickness(which as Jenny McCarthy says in Belly Laughs was clearly named by a man who wanted to stop hearing pregnant women complain after 12 noon).

I love all of your ideas and hope that I don't have to resort to the anti-nausea medications, considering it sounded like they don't work all that often.

I must give major props to my husband. He went to Henry's market tonight, got on their computer (didn't even know they have a customer computer) and looked up morning sickness. He came home with a print out of ways to treat morning sickness, a bottle of ginger ale, and a bottle of ginger capsules. I took the ginger capsules...

...and am pleased to report that not only am I no longer cursing my husband for doing this to me, but I am also not feeling as nauseous. Yay! (I guess I should keep him around for awhile...until I become crazy pregnant psycho again. And who knows, that could be right around the corner!)

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