Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter Egg Hunting Made More Fun

With Easter less than a week away, I read a really great tip for Easter egg hunting from Parents magazine. For many years I have seen kids of all ages on an Easter egg hunt and the older kids always manage to find all the eggs, and the younger kids don't end up with many. If this tends to happen on your Easter egg hunts, try this instead:

Place 2 or 3 egg colors (ex. blue and pink) in harder to find places and tell the older children they are to only find the blue and pink eggs.

Place 2 or three egg colors (ex. green and yellow) in easier to find places and your younger children will have a much easier and enjoyable time find eggs.

Of course, don't forget about the "golden egg." Kids love hunting for this highly coveted egg that can be redeemed for another prize (or perhaps the bragging rights of possessing the "golden egg" will be good enough!).

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hiphostess said...

these are great ideas! Always nice to make sure none of the little kiddies are left out :)

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