Thursday, March 15, 2007

Potty Training - Do's and Don'ts

Potty training is definitely a major topic in my house now that my son is nearly 2. Our son doesn't seem quite ready yet, and my husband and I aren't sure what steps to take. BabyCenter has come up with 10 steps to make toilet training more successful in your home:
  1. Assess your child's readiness - and your own

  2. Buy the right equipment

  3. Create a routine

  4. Demonstrate for your child

  5. Explain the process

  6. Foster the habit

  7. Grab some training pants

  8. Handle setbacks gracefully

  9. Introduce night time training

  10. Jump for Joy - you are done!
For more on these potty training tips, check out The ABC's of Toilet Training.

BabyCenter also has a list of 5 things to avoid when potty training:
  • Start too soon

  • Starting at the wrong time

  • Putting on the pressure

  • Following your mother-in-law's timetable (or anyone else's for that matter!)

  • Punishing your child

For more details on these steps to avoid, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. They are very helpful. I especially like the one about not listening to your mother-in-law, or in my case, my own mother!

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