Friday, February 16, 2007

Turn Your Daddy-to-Be into a Diaper Dude

As a mom-to-be, or a mother already, you may notice that most attention is put on you in the pregnancy (which is fantastic if you love attention). One very important accessory a mother must choose is the baby bag, since she won't be able to leave home without it. But a great way to make a daddy-to-be feel included in all the baby fun (and to get him to change diapers once in a while) is to buy him the Diaper Dude.

The Diaper Dude is a baby bag made specifically for dads with masculine styles that make a dad proud to carry a diaper bag. I bought my husband the Diaper Dude before our son was born and he was so excited to receive something, especially since I already had my "push present." (The push present will be addressed in another posting.)

You can buy the Diaper Dude at stores such as Babystyle and Pea in the Pod or online at Visit for more product information and store locations.
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Leslie Swan said...

The Diaper Dude runs $60 to $65 depending on where you buy it. It is worth every penny. I find that it is often more handy than my baby bag!

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