Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Thanks to my good friend Jenn (a.k.a. Hostess with the Mostess) over at Hostess Blog, I was tagged and get to share with all of you 6 weird or interesting things about myself. Apparently, being "tagged" is something that is sweeping the blogging nation. Since I am new to it, I will succumb to the peer pressure. So here goes...
  1. I can wrap my left arm over the top of my head, passed my right ear, under my chin, and touch my left ear lobe. It sounds kind of strange, and do-able, but I am told by most that it is a stupid human trick.
  2. I have won a trip from Live!with Regis and Kelly's travel trivia game. They called me at 5am in the morning to tell me they were going to call me back at 6am to answer a question. It was October 24th and they asked what my son was going to be for Halloween. I told them a pumpkin. Kelly then reminded me that she made pumpkin bread over the weekend. The question I answered correctly was "What state does Val Kilmer currently live in?" I answered correctly with New Mexico. I won a trip to Hollywood, Florida, which was surprisingly very nice. Oh yeah, when Regis said they had Leslie Swan on the phone, he said "what a pretty name." Thanks Reeg!
  3. I raised pigs in 4H for five years. Pinky, Babe, Weemer, Hamlet and Relish were their names. Ah yes, Babe was named after the book I read in 4th grade...the movie had not come out yet!
  4. I met my husband at a bar...a bar no less that I had frequented for 2 years with no luck whatsoever. It wasn't until the night before graduating from college that I met the man of my dreams and declared that night that we should get married.
  5. When I was in 1st grade, I got 2 citations for pulling boys out of the boys' bathroom. (We were playing tag and they thought it would be funny to stand in the doorway and say, "you can't get me." Yeah, like that was going to happen!) As a result of my 2 citations, I was unable to watch the "special treat" movie all the non-citation receivers got to watch. But it's no big deal...it's not like I remember it or anything.
  6. My grandmother won the California state lottery. After playing the same numbers religiously for over 10 years, she won...and actually won a smaller jackpot about a year after with the same numbers. Sorry, your chances of winning are further diminished now that you know of someone who is related to someone that won.

Thank you Hip Hostess, for that lovely walk down memory lane...unfortunately, since everyone I know has already been tagged. This "tagging" buck stops here. But anyone is free to share a weird or interesting fact about him/herself. It's always reassuring to know you aren't the only weird one out there!

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