Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How to Get Concert Tickets Before They Go on Sale!

Last week, I was searching on Ticketmaster.com for concert tickets - yes, The Wiggles concert tickets! When attempting to buy tickets for a specific date, I was unable to because they didn't open to the general public until the next day at 10:00am. But there was this special "HOB.com member pre-sale ticket." (Oh great, something exclusive I can't get in on!) After figuring out that HOB stands for House of Blues, I went to their website.

Jackpot! It is free to become a House of Blues member. I quickly filled out the membership information and was able to buy tickets the night before they went on sale...oh yeah, and they were much better tickets than what Ticketmaster was potentially going to offer the next day! Plus, you can even sign up for a text alert when your favorite show goes on sale! House of Blues doesn't have concert information/privileges for every event, but hey, if they have it for The Wiggles, then they may have it for your event, too!

For your next concert, check out HOB.com first...membership has it's privileges!
The Wiggles, Taylor Hicks, and Pennywise photos courtesy of Ticketmaster.com

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