Monday, January 29, 2007

Dylan's Candy Bar

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I would feature an amazing store/website that is completely devoted to candy. Dylan's Candy Bar, owned and operated by Dylan Lauren (yes, the daugther of Ralph Lauren), is the mecca of all candy stores. The flagship store in New York City is 10,000 square feet of candy. Other stores are located in New York, Orlando, and Houston.
If you can't get to the store, checking out the website is the next best thing. Unique gift ideas for birthdays, baby showers, party favors, and of course, Valentine's Day can be found throughout the website. The kid at heart basket, Hershey Kiss ball topiary, baby girl basket and gummy candy take out boxes (shown above) are just a few of the options available through Dylan's Candy Bar.

What is even more unique about the store and website is the ability to purchase candy that you can't find anywhere else that is either in its original wrapping, or something even cuter. You can purchase Original Necco Wafers, Charleston Chew Bars, Abba-Zabba, and Black Jack Gum (just to name a few) with the click of a button. It's not surprising that Lauren has been able to mix candy with fashion - a woman's fantasy come true.
I found out about Dylan's Candy Bar while watching an episode of Martha Stewart. On the show, Lauren showed how to assemble a candy topiary on your own. For more on the candy topiary and to see Dylan Lauren's segment, visit

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